Tag Trailer includes Beavertail and Ramps 10 Ton

Tag Trailer includes Beavertail and Ramps specially designed for your hauling needs.

Tag Trailer includes Beavertail and Ramps 10 Ton

Standard Equipment

  • Dual Wheel Axle Assembly
  • 2-Two Speed Landing Gear With Foot Pad
  • 30-Ton Towing Ring
  • Pine Plank Flooring
  • Side Pockets With 3/8″ x 2″ Steel Rub Rail
  • Lights: 4 Turn, 4 Running, Clearance, Rear Marker & Tag.
  • Factory Installed, Sealed, Vapor proof.
  • Heavy Duty Wire With Commercial Connectors
  • Beaver Tails: Self Cleaning, 4’/5′ Long with Folding, Adjustable and Removable Ramps
  • 2 Safety Chains With Hooks

Load Rating & Weights

  • Platform Carrying Capacity………………………………..10 Ton
  • Empty Weight (20 Foot Platform) ………………5876 Pounds

Miscellaneous Optional Equipment

  • Oak Flooring (Recommended For Cleated Equipment)
  • Spare Tire, Wheel And Locking Mounting Bracket
  • Matching Colors
  • Michelin Tires (Steel Radials)
  • Locking Tool box
  • LED Lights

Mobile Electric Power Trailer

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Overbilt Trailer Company specializes in manufacturing custom built trailers for all your needs.   We have standard models as well as industry specific designs. Is the Tag Trailer includes Beavertail and Ramps right for you? Take a look at all our Tag A Long trailers.

Overall Length 14′ to 47′
Overall Width 101-1/2″
Platform Length 14’ to 40’
Platform Width 97-1/2″
Platform Height 35″
Length Of Ramps 48″/60″
Width of Ramps 19″
Road Clearance 12″
Tongue Length 60″
Beaver Tail Length 48″/60″
Frame Specifications
Main Frame Two 12″ I-Beams High Strength
Cross members 3″ Channel Iron On 24″ Centers
Beaver Tail 12″ I-Beam With 2″ x 2″ x 3/8″ Angle Turned “V” Side Up. Self Cleaning
Running Gear
Axles Tubular High Yield
Hubs 8- Hole Hub Group
Spacing 44″ – A Qualified Tandem
Bearings Taper Roller For Maximum Load Support
Springs Slipper Suspension, Multiple Leafs
Brakes 8-Wheel
Wheels 8 Bolt Hole 6.75 x 16
Tires 235 85R/16