35 Ton Customizable Transport Lowboy Trailer

Our product line encompasses not only the most basic of transport needs, but also specialized trailers which are very often coupled with some of the most advanced construction heavy equipment available, trailers similar to this Lowboy Trailer (35 Ton).  Our 35-ton Lowboy trailer comes in many customizable options. These include electrical systems, dimensions, and various types of running gear. Give us a call today to see how we can customize your next trailer!

35 Ton Lowboy Standard Trailer Options

  • Various Lengths and Widths
  • Full-Width Upper Deck
  • Double Drop Design
  • Various Suspensions
  • 2-Speed Landing Gear
  • Outriggers
  • Rub Rail and Stake Pockets
  • Motor Grader Ramps
  • Closed Rear Wheels
  • Additional “D” Rings

Overbilt Trailer Company consistently maintains a premier position in the manufacturing of custom heavy equipment trailers.  We provide excellence in quality of design, workmanship, and customer service worldwide and are committed to forging strong bonds with all who support these same goals.
Overbilt Trailer Company has remained an industry leader for 19 years… providing heavy equipment trailers to transport a variety of equipment. We also provide trailers that serve as a mobile platform for processing and custom industrial equipment for a broad spectrum of industries.