Overbilt Delivers Exactly the Custom-Built Trailer You Need

You’ve got a problem. You need to haul loads. Either you don’t have the necessary trailer or your current system for hauling just isn’t cutting it. You need a solution.

Approaching Overbilt, your first question might be simple, something like, “In what lengths do you make the kind of trailer I need?” More likely than a straightforward answer, you’ll hear us probing for more information: “Tell us what you are trying to accomplish, and we will make it happen. We build exactly what you need.”

Overbilt means custom and quality

The products we create at Overbilt are the direct result of our guiding principle that nothing we make is standard, or templated. We build custom trailers, and we build quality trailers, so the product you receive is exactly the product you need.

No one wins when a custom-made trailer is produced without a clear purpose. That’s why it’s essential that every customer has an in-depth conversation with Overbilt. This allows you to clarify your vision and goals. What are you hauling? What is the weight? How often will you haul, and how far? You will need to answer these and other questions so that your exact trailer can indeed become reality.

And if you think your request is absurdly impossible, it’s not. You’ll be met with, “Anything is possible. Let’s explore how we can meet your need.”

Getting the ball rolling

Once your needs are clear, Overbilt creates a detailed proposal for your review. It includes specs and pictures so you can visualize it. This document (hardcopy or electronic, as you prefer) includes a salesperson’s name and contact information. Any additional questions you may have are worked out with the sales representative.

Once your specific sales order is signed, sealed, and delivered, your request is then put into a production queue where it’s first come, first served. Overbilt is a custom shop priding ourselves on our personal touch (both in our products and in our relationship with you). As such, while we produce 100 to 150 custom trailers every year, we keep the average production time per trailer between two and four weeks. Within a month you not only have “something from nothing,” but you have the exact trailer you need to fit your unique hauling needs.

Production without an assembly line

Your part is done and all you have to do is wait for a photo from Overbilt showing your trailer as it moves through the production process. As you wait, here’s what’s happening at Overbilt.

1. A production copy is created

Upon receipt of your initial deposit, a production copy is created. This identifies you as the customer and assigns a serial number to your trailer. It includes all trailer specs from lengths, suspension, and type of axle to paint color.

2. Fabrication begins

The crew receives the production copy and goes to work. Contrary to common perception, an assembly line setup is not the process we use at Overbilt. In an assembly line each person on the line does one task and the piece moves along to the next person. Instead, we use a “stall building process.”

This is where just one crew is assigned to creating one trailer. Two or three fabricators are typically involved in the stall manufacturing process: an assembler or builder (the lead man) and his team of one or two others (helpers). When the same fabricators are with the same trailer for the entire task, from start to finish, they become intimate with their product.

The pride they develop in their work is evident in the quality of the final piece that you take home.

3. You’re involved real-time

The stall manufacturing process allows you to be involved real-time. If suddenly you realize you want to change or add a component, depending on where it’s at in the production process, Overbilt is able to make those changes on the fly, and in a cost-effective manner. This cannot happen in a mass production assembly line process.

4. A quality control inspection is performed

When the fabricators are finished cutting, welding, fitting and assembling, a quality control manager runs through an extensive itemized list to make sure the fabrication process meets engineering standards.

This person addresses the following questions:

  • Was it built properly?
  • Are the welds up to standard?
  • Is the frame straight?
  • Is the floor level?

It is also verified that every custom item on the production copy was indeed included.

5. Beautification begins

Next comes cleaning (grinding, sandblasting, etc.), followed by primer and paint, and then all of the finish (lights, decals, floor, tires, custom finish items).

6. A final quality check is completed

A final inspection ensures the finished product is exactly what you ordered.

Take me home

And, with that, you receive notification that your custom-built trailer is ready for delivery. A complete folder is created with temporary tags, license plates, warranty information (every trailer comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty), a parts and service book, and a final invoice.

You receive your trailer, and all the traffic lights turn green as you begin completing more loads, accepting new jobs, and growing your business.

Contact Overbilt now so we can provide you with the highest quality custom-built trailer you need.