Custom Built Trailer of the Month: Forestry Firefighting Tilt Trailer

Custom Trailers

Overbilt Trailer Company is happy to collaborate with our customers to design the perfect trailer to meet their unique needs. At Overbilt, listening to our customers, especially during the design phase of their trailers, is paramount.

Why This Customer

The Neil H. LeMay Forestry Center of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) adapts standard trucks, bulldozers, and the trailers that haul them to design the best configuration of mechanized equipment to fight fires. Designers at the LeMay facility add water pumps and tanks, large toolboxes, radio communications, special lights, trailer hitches, and other non-standard features. The hydrostatic-drive crawler tractor with joystick control is the latest example of the Center’s cutting-edge firefighting equipment. With its mounted fire plow and huge water tank, it protects the operator with shower systems that include fire-resistant curtains. These same innovators designed the custom trailers built here at Overbilt Trailer Company.


Why This Design

The Wisconsin DNR tasked Overbilt Trailer Company of making sure these uniquely designed tilt trailers were built to their design and specifications—and we met the challenge by including the following details.

• With precise tongue and deck lengths, Overbilt manufactured this trailer to accommodate any piece of DNR’s equipment required for any job.

• D-Rings were strategically placed on the trailer so firefighting tractors could be loaded quickly and secured properly.

• Permanently attached binders allow dozers to move quickly and efficiently up and down the tilt bed.

• For added safety, Overbilt used angle iron as decking, enabling dozers to gain traction while loading and unloading.

• Most importantly, strobe lights were installed to alert the public when these custom trailers operate in emergency mode.

The Wisconsin DNR took delivery of 21 of these specially designed Overbilt Trailers, using them to safely distribute their equipment from their central warehouse to their other facilities across the state and, more importantly, to fight fires more effectively.

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