Custom-Built Gooseneck Trailers: How to Know Which One Is Right for You

A custom-built Gooseneck trailer can haul almost anything, from tractors to horses! Their incredible towing capacity and stable weight distribution make them an excellent option for carrying your heaviest and most valuable equipment to and from just about anywhere.

Like most trailers, goosenecks come in several different models, and each one serves a different purpose. To help you find the perfect one for your needs, let’s take a closer look at these trailers, their benefits, and the most common types.

What is a custom-built gooseneck trailer?

Designed with a hitch that goes up and over a pickup bed, a gooseneck trailer couples right over the rear axle of the towing vehicle. Gooseneck trailers are a popular choice for hauling heavy equipment as they provide plenty of space and carrying capacity.

There are several different types of gooseneck trailers, which we’ll discuss below, but first, it’s important to highlight the difference between fixed and removable gooseneck trailers.

As the name suggests, fixed gooseneck trailers cannot be detached from the trailer. They’re generally lighter weight than removable goosenecks and have a longer deck length. This style is best for loading items from the rear.

Removable gooseneck trailers came on the market in 1958, providing the capacity to load items from the front, the rear, or above. And loading heavy equipment on these trailers doesn’t require external loading ramps. Removable goosenecks are either mechanically detachable or hydraulically detachable.

What’s the main benefit of a gooseneck trailer?

Gooseneck trailers differ from other models, such as the tag-a-long trailer, because they distribute the weight over the rear axle of the towing vehicle, instead of behind it. This weight distribution provides for more maneuverability and stability, both of which are especially important when hauling heavy machinery.

What other advantages do gooseneck trailers provide?

These trailers are also less likely to sway or tip over, making them more stable than bumper pull trailers. Goosenecks have a turn radius designed for easy maneuvering through narrow spaces, a greater hauling capacity, and more room for cargo. If you need to haul heavy loads, gooseneck trailers are one of your safest options.
With one gooseneck trailer, you can haul livestock or several large, heavy-duty items at once; you might need two or more bumper pull trailers to do the same job. Because of their large size, these trailers are even used as temporary living spaces or as the foundation for tiny houses.

Are there different kinds of gooseneck trailers?

Yes, several different kinds of gooseneck trailers are available on the market. While they all feature the gooseneck hitch that attaches right over the rear axle of the towing vehicle, they differ in design and purpose. Three of the most popular options are the flatbed, double drop, and 10-ton tilt.

Flatbed Gooseneck

Flatbed Gooseneck from Overbilt Trailer Company
Flatbed Custom-Built Gooseneck Trailer from Overbilt Trailer Company

The flatbed gooseneck has the lowest profile of these three trailers. As you can see from the photo, it has a long, full deck. This feature allows you to haul more freight while retaining the ability to easily load and unload your cargo. Learn more about our 48-Foot Step Deck Flatbed Gooseneck.

Double Drop Gooseneck

Double Drop Gooseneck from Overbilt Trailer Company
Double Drop Custom-Built Gooseneck Trailer from Overbilt Trailer Company

With a double drop gooseneck, the well deck drops below the trailer and truck axles, to stabilize loads over 10 feet tall. They are often used for loading and hauling extremely heavy equipment that would be too cumbersome for flatbed goosenecks. Learn more about the Double Drop Gooseneck.

10-Ton Tilt Gooseneck

10-Ton Tilt Custom-Built Gooseneck Trailer from Overbilt Trailer Company
10-Ton Tilt Custom-Built Gooseneck Trailer from Overbilt Trailer Company

The 10-Ton Tilt Gooseneck has a carrying capacity of 10 tons with a tilt bed.

Custom vs. standard build

Once you’ve settled on the type of gooseneck trailer you need, it’s time to decide whether you’ll go custom or non-custom. Keep in mind that the potential for customization goes beyond size alone. In fact, Overbilt Trailer Company offers a variety of customizable components to suit the purpose of your trailer.

Non-custom gooseneck trailers, on the other hand, have a standard design: what you see is what you get. Before you decide to go the standard route, be sure the trailer suits your current needs to a T—and remember to consider your future needs as well. Trying to customize your standard trailer after purchase can be both costly and time-consuming.

Designed specifically for you and your business, custom gooseneck trailers will save time and money on labor, loading, unloading, and hauling equipment. The right customized trailer will provide the options you need—towing capacity, deck area, and other specifications—to haul as many items as safely as possible. You’re sure to love using an efficient, personalized trailer to streamline your everyday business operations.

Why Overbilt?

Overbilt Trailer Company manufactures trailers to our customers’ exact specifications. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter assembly line. Instead, we design our trailers with the features you request. Our customization options include length, width, carrying capacity, gooseneck style, and more.
Every custom trailer is built by our team in a trailer bay. This means the same crew works on your trailer from beginning to end, taking care of every single detail for a customized finish. Every time a custom trailer is completed, it’s inspected and all operations are tested before the trailer leaves our lot.

At Overbilt, we know you want quality and safety, especially when your cargo is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s why we design our trailers to last the lifetime of the equipment they haul. And we’re proud to deliver a high-quality, durable product that you can count on for the long haul.

For a custom gooseneck trailer that stands the test of time, contact Overbilt today.