10 Frequently Asked Questions About Overbilt’s Custom Trailers

Do you need a custom trailer, but are not sure what to expect from Overbilt?

We are custom builders, privileged to guide you through the process so that you end up with the exact trailer you need. These are the most common questions we receive, in no particular order. We hope the answers are the ones you’re looking for.


1. What makes an Overbilt trailer different from another company’s trailers?

Most trailers are manufactured using a cookie cutter production line. Many people are involved, and they are siloed from one another. Overbilt uses one team of welders that take great pride in their work from start to finish, and it shows in the quality of the finished product. This small team can also easily perform customization on the fly, and we have the ability to use custom colors to match your business’ color scheme or logo.

You’ll also enjoy the absence of a middleman markup, so you get the best price for what you need. Overbilt manufactures to fit your specific needs.


2. I am not sure what kind of trailer I need, but my hauling needs are unique. How will you determine the best trailer type for me?

We will quiz you! Expect questions like: What are you hauling? How much does it weigh? What are the dimensions? What are the distances you’re traveling? At what speeds will you travel, and on what terrain?

We will then determine how we can best accommodate your needs and we will keep in touch throughout the fabrication process. We will send you pictures or sketches, get your feedback, and meet your customization needs each step of the way.


3. Can you handle what I need to haul?

In short, YES! That’s what we’re here for.

In addition to taking into account your answers to the questions listed in #2, above, we take into account the Department of Transportation road requirements. For example, if you need something for the highway more than 8 feet 6 inches wide and more than 53 feet long, you will need to get an over width permit, or an overlength permit.

We consider axles too. Weight per axle, how far apart they are, and how much weight they can handle. We use a computer program called Load Xpert that helps us determine the exact axle load calculation to handle your load.


4. What ensures my trailer is built to last?

We build quality control into each step of the production process: design, fabrication, and in the finish shop. We even use an independent quality control inspector for additional review.

A 120-checkpoint inspection examines the quality of the welding, finishes, wheels, and more. In the finish shop we take photos to send to you for review.


5. How long will it take for my trailer to be built from the time I place the order?

The timeline is dynamic, depending on backlog and the unique needs of your trailer. It’s typically no more than 10 weeks, often fewer, and sometimes more. Rest assured, you’ll never have to guess; we communicate with you at the time of your order about your expected timeline.


6. What payment options do I have?

The standard payment is 35 percent down, with the balance due upon completion. The majority of our trailer manufacturing is for individuals or smaller companies, but we happily serve anyone who comes to us.


7. How does the trailer get delivered to me if I live out of town, and what is the delivery charge?

We’re flexible! We are centrally based in Oklahoma, and you can pick up your trailer yourself, or we can work with local drivers to haul your trailer to you. We are members of several freight services, so delivery is priced at cost. Based on your zip code we can estimate the cost. Prices are typically about $2 per mile. If you would rather coordinate delivery through your own service, that’s fine too.


8. What are your warranty terms?

We have a standard warranty which is typical for our industry: a one-year parts and labor warranty. We send you clear paperwork about the warranty so you won’t have any surprises.


9. What’s the process if I need a replacement part?

We send a user manual and a parts book so you are aware of your trailer’s components. Many parts can be found locally or online. If you contact Overbilt, we have your detailed file and can typically get you parts in about a week, depending on stock.


10. Why should I choose Overbilt?

We build exactly what you need. We build to handle your load. And we focus on safety and quality. You don’t want to risk your load or your livelihood to an inferior trailer. When someone chooses an inexpensive option and the equipment breaks or falls apart, their livelihood is immediately compromised. It’s not uncommon for people to overload their trailers with little regard for safety concerns. At Overbilt we intentionally over build. This is so that you can haul even more than you anticipate needing to haul. Because the trailer is form-fitted to your operation, you won’t be trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Overbilt builds to meet your specific needs, and then some.

Contact Overbilt now so we can provide you with the highest quality custom-built trailer you need.